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28 June 2019

The rewards volunteering can bring

The rewards volunteering can bring

It’s my task to recruit 1,000  volunteers when Guernsey hosts the next NatWest International Island Games in 2021. These volunteers will play a pivotal role in the smooth running and success of our Games in two years’ time.

This is very exciting.  Having led and been involved in many community-led projects, I am confident that Guernsey people are passionate about our island and will want to play their part in making our Games the best one yet.

I’m often asked why I volunteer, the simply answer is that I love it! In my experience the benefits of volunteering are tremendous.  You have the chance to meet and work with new people, learn new skills as well as receive training which could help develop your career and generally volunteering can make you feel happier and healthier.

Anyone is welcome to register.  Our Games volunteers could be students, retirees, teachers, emergency service people, members of service and sports clubs, health professionals, business people and corporates.  They are likely to be passionate about their island, inspiring, dedicated team players who are willing to give up a little bit of their time.

My team will be looking for people to help at venues, liaise with visiting teams, work on communications and event management as well as the great logistical task of travel and accommodation. There will also be administrative jobs and a large medical support team needed. 

All our volunteers will wear special kit to make sure they are easy to spot, receive training to enable them to undertake their roles and benefit them more widely and have the satisfaction of being part of an amazing team that will help deliver the best Island Games week for Guernsey. 

We have already received 200 expressions of interest,  so please sign up here if you are keen to play your part in the Guernsey 2021 NatWest International Island Games XIX.

Thank you

Wayne Bulpitt

Director of Volunteering