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26 September 2020

Guernsey 2021 NatWest International Island Games latest casualty of Covid-19

26 September 2020

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26 September 2020

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06 July 2020

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14 May 2020

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06 April 2020

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24 March 2020

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03 March 2020

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26 February 2020

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19 February 2020

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17 February 2020

Sports planning progressing well ahead of Guernsey 2021

07 February 2020

Accommodation top of the list for Guernsey 2021

20 December 2019

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10 December 2019

St. John - the importance of first aid volunteers

06 November 2019

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01 November 2019

Recruitment campaign for Games Makers gets off to a great start

01 November 2019

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25 October 2019

Full volunteer registration system now available

10 October 2019

Winning medal announcement

09 October 2019

BREAKING NEWS - medal design competition winner

01 October 2019

Thank you to everyone who voted!

10 September 2019

Attachés and their vital role

09 September 2019

Fun and games at the Park

16 August 2019

Medal competition - LAST DAY OF VOTING!

16 July 2019

Message from Jorgen Pettersson, Chair of the IIGA

12 July 2019

Thank you Gibraltar 2019!

11 July 2019

Setting the scene for 2021

11 July 2019

Penultimate day in Gibraltar

09 July 2019

Excitement continues into day two

09 July 2019

Silver for Sark

07 July 2019

Great first day of competition

06 July 2019

Gibraltar 2019 is underway!

28 June 2019

IIGA Executive Committee bowled over in Guernsey!

28 June 2019

Plans for Gibraltar - follow our updates

28 June 2019

The rewards volunteering can bring

14 May 2020

Guernsey 2021 - planning is the key

With the NatWest International Island Games due to take place in Guernsey next July, Games Director Julia Bowditch answers some key questions.


How has Covid-19 affected planning for the Guernsey 2021 NatWest International Island Games?

The current Covid-19 situation is obviously affecting all of the member islands of the International Island Games Association. The Organising Committee are continuing with planning for the Guernsey 2021 NatWest International Island Games. We are well advanced with plans as our Chair, Dame Mary Perkins, had tasked us with having everything in place ahead of the visit of representatives from each of the Islands which was due to take place in July this year. This trip has been postponed for the time being, and we are planning online updates for the member islands until we can re-schedule.


Will the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics impact on Guernsey 2021?

The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics will have little impact on the overall planning for Guernsey 2021. There may be a few athletes who will be affected, but that will obviously need to be addressed at an individual level.


Do you think impact on travel will affect number of islands attending?

Travel will obviously have an impact on visiting teams, and we will need to see when Phase 6 of the Exit from Lockdown Framework will be implemented and what that will look like. The Guernsey 2021 Organising Committee are in regular contact with the International Island Games Association and the member islands regarding all aspects of planning for the Games, including travel restrictions for the individual Islands and what impact this may have. 


Do you have a plan B?

One of the first things we did as an Organising Committee was produce a Risk Management and Mitigation Report which we review every two weeks. This includes regularly reviewing a number of areas that could impact the Games and amending our planning processes accordingly. 


We will continue to work with the IIGA, the member islands, our sports co-ordinators, sponsors, volunteer teams and the States of Guernsey to ensure we deliver the best event possible. It is our hope that the Games will give all of the member island communities something to focus on and look forward to, although we appreciate that our plans may need to change. However, the single most important consideration is one of public health, and we are determined to act responsibly through the decisions we make.