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07 February 2020

Accommodation top of the list for Guernsey 2021

With the Guernsey 2021 NatWest International Island Games now just over 500 days away, an information meeting has been held for accommodation providers to tell them more about the plans for July 2021.


“Initial invitations have been sent out to the 23 member Islands, and they’ve all confirmed that they will be bringing teams over in July 2021” said Games Director, Julia Bowditch. “Provisional numbers are high, and it looks like this could be the largest Island Games to date”.


With help from the Chamber of Commerce, representatives from a number of accommodation providers heard about some of the plans for the Games, as well as the opportunities available. Dame Mary Perkins, Chair of the Organising Committee, said “It’s going to be busy. We’re expecting over 3,000 competitors, team members and officials and that’s before we add any visiting spectators! Guernsey is going to be full of people visiting the Island for the Games, and many of them will be coming to the Channel Islands for the first time, so we want to make sure they all have a good Guernsey welcome and enjoy their time on our lovely Island. We know finding space for everyone is going to be a challenge, which is why we’re working closely with accommodation providers now to ensure we have everything in place in plenty of time”.


The event was held at the Old Government House Hotel, part of the Red Carnation Group who are one of the key sponsors for the Guernsey 2021 Games. Alan and Áine Sillett from the Duke of Normandie hotel were at the event. “We are really excited about being involved with the Games”, said Áine. “This gives us a huge opportunity to welcome guests who might not normally have considered Guernsey as a destination to visit and through working with the Organising Committee, we know we can easily fill our hotel for the whole week. We hope everyone will join us in getting behind this fantastic event for the Island”.