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14 May 2020

Guernsey 2021 - planning is the key

06 April 2020

Update from the IIGA

24 March 2020

Guernsey 2021 - pushing on with planning

03 March 2020

Technology Partner appointed

26 February 2020

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19 February 2020

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17 February 2020

Sports planning progressing well ahead of Guernsey 2021

07 February 2020

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20 December 2019

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10 December 2019

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06 November 2019

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01 November 2019

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01 November 2019

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25 October 2019

Full volunteer registration system now available

10 October 2019

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09 October 2019

BREAKING NEWS - medal design competition winner

01 October 2019

Thank you to everyone who voted!

10 September 2019

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09 September 2019

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16 August 2019

Medal competition - LAST DAY OF VOTING!

16 July 2019

Message from Jorgen Pettersson, Chair of the IIGA

12 July 2019

Thank you Gibraltar 2019!

11 July 2019

Setting the scene for 2021

11 July 2019

Penultimate day in Gibraltar

09 July 2019

Excitement continues into day two

09 July 2019

Silver for Sark

07 July 2019

Great first day of competition

06 July 2019

Gibraltar 2019 is underway!

28 June 2019

IIGA Executive Committee bowled over in Guernsey!

28 June 2019

Plans for Gibraltar - follow our updates

28 June 2019

The rewards volunteering can bring

16 July 2019

Message from Jorgen Pettersson, Chair of the IIGA

Go Guernsey, the Games are yours!

Congratulations Guernsey and the Organising Committee of the NatWest International Island Games XIX that will take place in Guernsey in the summer of 2021. Under the leadership of Dame Mary Perkins Guernsey will be the first island to have hosted our Games three times since it all started in the Isle of Man in 1985.

Guernsey is one of our founding members and has been an important part of the Games that have brought islanders together in friendly competition.

The XVIII Games in Gibraltar ended last Friday and presented a true challenge for Guernsey. The venues were world class, the sports well-organized, the atmosphere great and the Gibraltarians opened not only their homes but also their hearts. We are sure that the people of Guernsey will rise to this challenge and deliver another fantastic week of sport.

In 2021 Guernsey will see thousands of competitors and officials arrive in the island to take part in what will very likely be Europe’s largest multi-sport event that year.

We look forward to work together with the Organising Committee in order to inspire islanders and produce a Games that will make us all grow together.

Jorgen Pettersson

Chairman of the IIGA