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16 August 2019

Medal competition - LAST DAY OF VOTING!

Voting for the Guernsey 2021 NatWest International Island Games medal competition will close at midnight on 30 September.

You can choose your favourite medal by voting here or by calling the vote lines:

  • Option A 12091
  • Option B 12092
  • Option C 12093

Calls to the voting line numbers are chargeable - please contact your service provider for details of cost. Please check with the bill payer before voting.

Option A

The medal rim and the background of the cross will be raised. A small base unit stand made of resin with Guernsey granite chippings will be presented to display the medal.

Vote here or call 12091 for Option A

Option B

This design features the outline of Guernsey. The 24 segments on the outside circle represent the 23 member Islands and the IIGA all coming together in Guernsey to participate in the 2021 island games.

Vote here or call 12092 for Option B

Option C

This medal consisits of two elements - the metallic element will have a Guernsey coin in the centre. A resin disk containing pieces of Guernsey granite will sit behind the medal.

Ropelike cabling pattern reflects maritime culture and is found in traditional Guernsey jumpers.

Sunburst cutout motif reflects the Channel Islands’ position as one of the sunniest places in the British Isles.

Vote here or call 12093 for Option C


NOTE: The images shown are digital versions of the designs and may differ slightly in final production. The medal ribbon and fixing will be designed seperately. The design can incorporate the event and discipline if necessary.

The voting system used is protected with SurveyLegend’s spam-bot mitigation system. Additionally, if we notice any human patterns of cheating such as sudden spikes in votes coming from the same location, we will disqualify such votes.